Tune into some of the epic conversations I’ve had about the art of living, breathing branding and how I approach my work.

Episode 126. The New Paradigm of Branding

Sacred Emergence Podcast with Michelle Wong
What if branding is more than just a pretty design and colors? In my interview with Katherine Elizabeth, Soul Expressionist, Katherine shares a whole new paradigm to branding, where her work takes people on a journey of deep inner work. It is through this journey of intention + soul inquiry that the branding is born.

Episode 46. The Power of Listening

The Emma Clayton Show With Emma Clayton
In this episode of The Emma Clayton Show we talk about communication skills in leadership and particularly the power of listening, holding space and following through.

Episode 45. Belief Wars, Branding and Be-ers (not Beers)

The Motivation Burrito with Melissa Rodriguez
In this episode of The Motivation Burrito I am super excited to have Katherine Elizabeth, the person who has given life to what was a crazy idea and created the logo and branding for The Motivation Burrito. In true Burrito styles, she shares how during our time together, we underwent a process of shifting and “belief wars”.