living, breathing branding through photos

One of the ways I track my energy is through the photos I take. I can tell when my brand is ready to evolve based on how I feel when I look at my socials. On top of that, selfies are a part of how I navigate that evolution. 

secret time

I take all my own photos

and I learned everything I know from Paula Ivy

For anyone who wants to dive into the energetic and technical aspects of taking your own photos I cannot recommend the following programs enough.


PS. all photos featured here were taken and edited on my phone. Following links are affiliates.
The Selfography Creative 30 group is a fantastic place to help you open up how you see the world around you and take creative photos in your natural environment. Currently there are 55 prompts with countless examples of how they have been interpreted offering endless inspiration.
Selfie Queens
This is the space where you get the how behind the wow. From setting up your phone camera to using a big camera, being the vibe and the model, finding the light and your angles, mindset, and more. When I found this program it felt like the missing piece for me and upped my selfie game immediately.

Selfie Queens

The space where I learned how to bring essence and feeling into photos. Open and onboarding now. You in?